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Making Memories through Travel

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There is no better way to spend time with friends and family than traveling. It builds such strong bonds and memories. At all gatherings talk eventually turns to the trips we've taken, places we've seen and the incredible people we've met. Whether you're interested in seeing as much as possible in the time you have or you just want  listen to those waves lap at the shoreline! People are on the move!

Small groups are very popular. This may mean a family with Mom, Dad, and kids or it may mean carefully adding in grandparents. Grandparents are missing their kids! It may also mean a small group of friends who have decided get-togethers are more fun when you can be away from home having someone else doing the cooking and cleaning and there are lots of options for children to enjoy themselves with their parents and in playgroups specifically for their ages.

And don't think you can't travel because getting around is harder than it used to be. I am a Certified Special Needs Consultant. I can help you with the challenges you may face. Whether it's extra oxygen, special scooter or wheelchair, bed, or many other challenges I can help. Whether you have a short-term or long-term challenge, it can be addressed and you can continue to enjoy travel with your loved ones. I am also now a Certified Autism Travel Professional! I am looking forward to working with families and groups to ensure safe, happy, comfortable vacations for all. 


Why Should You Use a Travel Advisor?

 As many of you may have discovered, if you have never worked with a travel advisor this is the time to start. Planning a vacation is a big part of the enjoyment, but it can be overwhelming.

As we have all learned, packing patience is an important part of travel. Things don't always go smoothly. It helps to be able to reach out to someone in addition to the airlines when there are bumps in the plans. 

I do charge a fee for my service. This fee is applied to the final payment when you complete your booking with me. If you choose not to book with me the fee is non-refundable. That means if you book with me you will not end up paying a fee. I work with you in fine tuning your plans until you are satisfied with theitinerary. This usually means many changes along the way. That is my job and I enjoy it. I am paid by the vendor after your travel is completed. 

I look forward to working with you to see you get the vacation you want.


Time for Holland America



If you have been looking for a chance to see more of the world, Holland America has it! Enjoy thei best deal ever on 2024 cruises with top amenities included at 60% off. Receive free upgrades to our Elite Beverage Package and Premium Wi-Fi, free Prepaid Crew Appreciation and more.* Book today with Low Fare Guarantee and save on a spectacular cruise to Alaska’s glacier‑fjords, the Mediterranean's colorful coasts and beyond. This includes South America, Canada, Australia and more! It may be time to celebrate the holidays on the high seas! 


Royal Caribbean is  a Family Favorite

Cruising is back! It is now more popular than ever. Most cruise lines have lifted all testing protocols. This can change if you are visiting certain countries who still have testing in place. The cruise lines have always been health and safety conscious but have implemented enhanced hygiene protocols.

Royal Caribbean has a great offer going now. This offer is for new bookings from Jan 1- 31 for sailings from Feb 1, 2023 through April 30,2025! There is so much for everyone to enjoy!



Time to Plan an AMAWaterways River Cruise


A river cruise is a wonderful way to see Europe, Asia, or Africa. AmaWaterways offers superb service and wonderful choices. Currently they are offering not only the cruise but on select sailings there are FREE land packages being offered also! River cruises allow you to sail THROUGH countries, seeing life not only on the river but also on the shores as you sail. You will dock in or near the city centers allowing you to spend time walking through the wonderful city centers and experience all they have to offer. It is a fantastic way to visit because you travel through and to several areas and only unpack once! 








Just because you may not be at 100% physically doesn't mean you can't enjoy a vacation. You would be surprised how much is available to those who need some assistance with mobility or even sleeping. Call me to help you keep moving along with your travel plans and dreams.




Patriots vs Colts in Frankfurt!

The New England Patriots are scheduled to play their Nov 12 game against the Indianapolis Colts in Frankfurt, Germany. Packages include:

  • 3 night stay in the Hampton Inn or similar
  •  daily breakfast
  •  Upper Level End Zone Game Ticket

Package prices start at $2495 per person for quad occupancy and are available for single, double or triple occupany as well. There is also an option for additional days and seat upgrades.

Packages are also available for the Nov 5 Miami Dolphins vs Kansas City Chiefs.

Price and availability is subject to change until deposit is received. 

Packages are also available for NFL games being played in London.

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars Wembley Stadium - October 1st
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - October 8th
Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - October 15th

These packages begin at $1595 per person quad occupancy and also include options for additional days.

Call or text for more information about how to see your favorite team in Europe!



Try an MSC Cruise



MSC cruises have been popular around the world for years. They have not been advertised as much as other lines, but that is changing now. They are building new ships and the Meraviglia will be sailing from New York City starting in April. There are children's programs aboard including the LEGO themed club for juniors. 

MSC also matches loyalty levels from other cruise lines. Ask about other special programs offered by this popular cruise line.


Looking for a Getaway?

We are beginning to travel again. Families are starting to feel a little safer. If you are considering a vacation the Bahamas are close and working hard to keep its citizens and visitors safe. Travel time is fairly short and there is plenty of outside space in warm sunshine. It is a fantastic location for families with lots of options. Pictured below is one of the most popular options, Atlantis on Paradise Island.


Sandals and Beaches are also a terrific choice. Sandals is for couples and Beaches is for everyone! There are many locations from which to choose and all are a short plane ride from the East Coast and offer plenty of outdoor activities and warm sunshine.

Many of us have been missing our extended families. For those looking for an option for families, especially multi-generational, Beaches is wonderful! As the ads have said, you can leave your wallet at home! The staff is well educated to help make your vacation the best ever no matter what the age. All nannies and Kids Camp Staffers are members of the International Nanny Association. And Beaches was the first resort company in the world to complete the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) for training and Austism Certification!




 The Azores has nine major islands. Visit as many or as few as you want. Portugal has long been a favorite or Europeans for their vacations. These's so much to see and do. And the wine! Visit so many more towns by taking a river cruise on the Douro. See why the Azores and Portugal are gaining in popularity so quickly. It's such a short flight you can even make it a long weekend!


Detailed Search


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